Today the 18 April 2012 marks the 100 day countdown until the London Olympic Games kick off.

The enormous event has been the center of much controversy since it was first announced we would hold it, never the less it will provide the UK with thousands of visitors, will continue to create jobs and opportunities in the UK which given the existing economic climate can only be a positive thing – it helps us as a nation focus on the positives within a continuous stream of budgets, cut backs and job losses.

As the nation prepares itself for one of the most paramount, historic sporting occasions in the world, vital services such as portable toilet hire, skip hire, barrier, container, fence and generator hire are recording a significant increase in demand.

However in spite of all the excitement, there is still a lot to be completed.

In Horse Guards Parade, home of the beach volleyball, 3,000 tonnes of sand needs to be dumped and 15,000 temporary seats put up. An additional 200,000 temporary seats and 10,000 portable toilets need to be installed around the city.

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