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Regular readers of our blog and our quarterly magazine Tardis Times will certainly be aware that as a company, we get about a bit.

The first few days of the year bought us a job our stalwart Tardis Fitters Joel and Sam were certainly keen to embark upon.

Two 100,000 litre bladder tanks to be set up and filled at a location on the Isle of Wight, but not just any location.  Osborne House to be precise, former royal residence to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

“It’s impossible to imagine a prettier spot” said her majesty of the place which they bought in 1845 to serve as a summer residence. Indeed, Victoria died there on January 22nd 1901. The house and grounds these days are managed by English Heritage and our visit was part of the maintenance to keep the place in pristine condition.

Our mission, to remove 200,000 litres of water from a small decorative pool in the grounds, to allow repairs to be carried out. Once complete, the water can be replaced.

Tardis H2O on site Osborne House

100,000 litre bladder tank part filled

This is where bladder (or pillow tanks) come into their own. Imagine trying to temporarily store that amount of water using conventional rigid tanks.

Instead, the bladder tanks were transported to site in our H2O site service vehicle and quickly deployed by our two people, first laying a protective ground sheet and unrolling the tanks before fitting the inlet and outlet ports and then connecting to the pumps to begin the job of draining the pool.

We’re sure you’ll agree the tanks themselves hardly form a blot on the cultured landscape and when the water is drained back and the tanks are removed, you’ll  never know they’d been there.

Bladder tanks are fast gaining popularity especially where a fast, temporary solution is required.

Just prior to Christmas, we installed a 50,000 litre tank in the less regal location of Didcot in Oxfordshire, to provide clean water for dust suppression purposes.

In a morning, the tank was delivered, installed and filled by H2O tanker and was ready for use.

To cater for different needs on site, the types of fittings used to fill and empty the tanks can be specified by our clients and the installation procedures carried out by our more than capable Tardis Fitters.  Guidance on sizes of tanks we can provide, fittings and ideal ways of utilising this type of storage, can be gained from our friendly hire desk team on the familiar, free 0800 731 0589.

Bladder Tanks

Osborne House

Dusk at Osborne House

Osborne House

Osborne House


As with many items of Tardis plant, bladder tanks can be purchased outright as well as hired, so if outright purchase suits you, please get in touch.

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