Registration and inspection law for septic tanks was introduced in June 2012. The new law aims to protect to environment from poor performing septic tank systems.
The Deadline for everyone to get there septic tank registered is the 1st February 2013 which will cost up to €50, Pay before the 28th September though and you will only be paying €5 to get your septic tank registered so hurry and save €45.
There are a number of ways to register your septic tank here is a few options:

  1. Online at Protect Our Water
  2. Send by Post: forms are available in city/county councils. Send to protect our water, PO Box 12204 Dublin 7.
  3. Local authority office

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is developing a national inspection plan. Local authorities will arrange for inspections to be carried out and there is no inspection charge.
After 5 years you will need to re-register, but you will not have to pay a fee for the second registration.

Further information is available from your local authority, the Environmental Protection Agency.
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