Waking up at the early light of day to arrive at his job on time, after picking up their mate and getting stuck in traffic, getting ready for whatever challenges they may face in the day that lies ahead, the builder knows one thing. He will always be able to get a cup of tea or coffee.

Think about it, if you’re having work done on your house you know before they even arrive that you will offer them a brew, maybe even before you say hello! Before they arrive you will check the cupboards to see if you have enough tea bags or coffee, check the milk in the fridge
because you know that this simple gesture will make them feel at home and give them the kick they need, as a good cuppa always does.

It’s the same at big construction sites, the average Briton drinks 3 and a half cups of tea a day, who knows how many the average builder drinks, my guess would be more! Now with all this fluid consumption the builder will eventually need to go to the little boy’s room, knowing that his construction site has adequate on site toilet facilities means he doesn’t even have to worry, allowing him to fully focus on his job at hand and drink as many mugs of tea or coffee as he wants. Think about it, a construction site without portable toilets? MADNESS! Plus the fact it’s a legal requirement.

At Tardis we have been providing portable toilets to building and constructions firms large and small for the past decade across the UK. Making sure builders have peace of mind and that the tea and coffee can keep flowing, keeping them going.

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