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Additional Site Services

Additional Site Services

Tardis with our wealth of experience and high growth are able to provide additional site services. As we have grown, so have the number of services we’re well placed to offer our clients.


Tardis Fitter Team

Take our Tardis Fitter team for example. Our fitter team provide an installation arm after the plant has been delivered to site. This can be anything from plumbing in a water tank and on-demand pump providing water to welfare and admin cabinsFurthermore, our fitters can plumb in waste tanks and pipework for commercial electrical jobs such as setting up mains powered toilets and showers.

Road Sweepers


Our road sweepers do a lot more than sweep leaves. During winter months, Tardis road sweepers are just as likely to be found keeping roadways and approaches to construction sites clean of the mud. Removing traipses on to the public roads from delivery traffic. Car parks and factory perimeters also come under the road sweeping services.

Crane Lorries

We use our crane lorries for delivering water tanks. Large size water tanks can be a bit of a handful to manoeuvre. It has a remotely operated crane which with a 7.3 metre reach. It can lift up to 9 tonnes at maximum reach!
Meeting the needs of construction is something we provide with our broad range of services from Tardis.

Fuel Bowsers

Providing fuel bowsers is one such valuable service.  Our 900 litre fuel towable road bowser, can be wheeled around site. It dispenses Diesel to plant and vehicles alike on an as and when needed basis.


Flood Service Response

And what could be more diverse than offering a flood response service? Our Tankers, our pumping equipment and our operatives knowledge enable us to provide the response and removal of flood water. This can be specific for both domestic and commercial situations.

Contact us for onsite services

Regardless of the scale of your operations, we can provide efficient services to minimise disruption on site. For any further information, you can contact us through our contact form below to submit your enquiry. With our experience and a broad range of services, we are certain we can help!