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Fuel Bowser Hire

Fuel Bowser Hire

We’re famous for our water bowsers providing instant water on site and now we’ve taken things a step further.

Popular on construction sites, fuel bowsers basically save money long term, by having a bulk fuel supply on tap for plant and vehicles.

Itself, a site towable item, fill it with Diesel and whenever you need to refuel a site based piece of plant. You have a hand pump mechanism saving many trips to petrol stations with Jerry cans.

Our 950 litres towable diesel fuel bowser comes with a fill nozzle just like you get at the petrol station, 15 feet of hose and a pull-down lockable lid to secure the fuel.

Tardis Tech Spec Sheet
Fuel Bowser

Technical Information:

  • Inner fuel tank is constructed from translucent heavy duty Polyurethane with 2″ filler cap
  • Manual vent valve top mounted 1/2″ BSP suction valve and return connections
  • Pump is a K1 semi-rotary hand pump
  • Pin hitch type
  • Please note: this vehicle is not road towable