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Tardis Fitters - Temporary Site Services

Temporary Site Services РTardis On-site Fitter Services 

When we arrive onsite for many jobs, customers require setup for installing plumbing or electrics on welfare facilities. Our Tardis fitters are trained in commercial plumbing and electrics.


What jobs do Tardis Fitters provide?



  • Setting up and installing a mains operated shower or toilet.


  • Commission new site cabins by providing water and waste plumbing.


  • Connecting electric on-demand pumps to the power. Then setting the pumps to feed cabins with pressured water for toilet flushing.


We can help

Need help with installations on site? Remember we don’t only provide a hire service. Our Tardis Fitters can set you up ready to go! Contact us below to arrange getting your facilities on site up and running.
In the video, our Tardis fitters provided a water tank with an electric on demand pump to a brand new site. A classic example of the team at work. Furthermore, our water division TardisH2O tanker filled the water tank.

Related Services

    • General plumbing including welfare and toilet blocks
    • Commercial electrics for administration blocks and welfare blocks
    • Water pump and tank connection services
    • Waste lines and waste tank connection services