The Environment Agency has stated that over half of England is now under drought conditions adding 17 more counties to the list, including most of the South West and Midlands. The agency suggests domestic users in those new areas will not be badly affected, but warned that farmers and the environment as a whole could suffer. Although there has been heavy rainfall over the past couple of days, this will still not affect the hose pipe ban.

If you are in an industry which needs a constant supply of water Tardis Environmental have the solution. We provide a large range of water bowser & tanks that are ideal for water storage and in addition can provide you with a fast water delivery service. As the hosepipe ban is expected to last quite a while, using Tardis you will be able to hire a water bowser for as long as you want and refill it whenever you need to!

We can also provide Tardis on-demand pumps, which provide a constant water supply to toilet blocks, canteens, offices etc. These pumps can pump water 12 meters across a level surface or 8 meters horizontally. Pump performance can be improved by increasing the bore size of the pipe.

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