Get your septic tank ready before Xmas and Winter Kicks in!!!

If you need a Septic Tank Emptying Service or need to hire some Portable Toilets during Christmas then I would recommend booking them now so you have peace of mind during Christmas and winter.

With the weather starting to get colder and the days are getting darker it’s important to get your septic tank emptied before it turns to Winter as you may find your septic tank could freeze if a seal has gone on the hatch or any of the pipes.

With winter and Xmas soon approaching it will be best to have all this sorted as Construction Sites and Depots will close during Xmas and the New Year. After the Xmas Holiday things tend to get back to its busy self here at Tardis so try and have it ordered before the Xmas holiday.

Ordered a Portable Toilet and scared that the waste tank will freeze in the winter. There’s no need to panic as our Portable Toilets come with a chemical that will help prevent the wet waste within the tank from freezing, if you’re not sure then just ask upon ordering.

Tardis have depots Nationwide that means we can provide a septic tank empty at a low cost to our customers.