LONG AN – A team of Australian and Vietnamese archaeologists last week unearthed  a 3,500 year old man-made toilet believed to be the earliest such device in Southern Viet Nam.

The toilet was excavated about 30 km from HCM City at Rach Nui, Long An Province. It consists of a 5m in height man-made mound, surrounded by small tidal streams and mangrove swamps.

Now this may not be as exciting as finding a dinosaur but you still have to be impressed with this! Imagine the world that long ago you wouldn’t think they would have anything to take care of their business but there you go.

This newly found ancient toilet could have been a technological breakthrough at the time. Nowadays toilets are taken for granted and event portable toilets are undervalued in society. If you need portable toilet hire be sure to contact Tardis!