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Road Sweepers in action 


Did we imagine that, just there out the corner of our eye, was that really a leaf falling from the trees.

Indeed, it was. The September song has begun, we’ll soon be wading through autumn’s golden gown unless there’s a Tardis road sweeper on the scene that is.

OK, so enough with the golden gown stuff…   Autumn leaves can and do cause problems especially when they get wet and start to decompose, making a gooey mulch that can be dangerously slippery on roads and paths and does a good job of blocking drains.

Luckily, our stalwart road sweeper fleet can take care of all kinds of debris that needs cleaning away. Leaves, mud litter.

We also have sweepers with a gully arm which can take care of blocked drains and manholes .

We sweep:

  • car parks
  • construction sites
  • quarry roads
  • entrances
  • streets and avenues where those pesky autumn leaves just keep piling up.


If you’re in need of a sweeper, then just call one free number nationwide, chat with us detailing your need and where you want us to appear and leave the rest to us.

Click below to see more information on our road sweeper hire services




Alternatively, contact us on our free number nationwide:  0800 731 0589

Here’s a strictly autumnal little film showing one of our machines cleaning up, but of course we’re a 365 days a year operation in all aspects of our work.







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