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One of our clients have been maintaining their storage tanks used for water to feed the fire sprinkler system in their production facility.

Tardis H2O on site was called in to refill the two tanks which hold 195,000 litres apiece. We’ve filled swimming pools that hold less than that, they’re big tanks for sure.


tardis h2o water tankers


Put some Tardis H2O in your tanks.

Four 30,000 litre articulated tankers arrived at set times, unloading, then off to refill, return and repeat.

As usual, the Tardis H2O tanker captains took the job in their stride.  They’re used to stepping up to the plate, whether it’s emergency drinking water or filling the pool for a bunch of grateful Sea lions at the zoo, we take the unusual in our stride.


Video of the tank fill.

Plenty of water to meet your need.

And of course, when we’ve a particularly thirsty job such as this one, we’ve the resources to meet the need.  A modern fleet of articulated and rigid tankers, equipped to deliver bulk clean or quality assured drinking water and as you can see, tanker barrels which can be left on site providing bulk water and the storage vessel to keep it in.

Water for all jobs is drawn from authorised local authority sources, with hoses and fittings pre-treated before use with sanitising solution, to ensure water is delivered in pristine condition, whatever the use.

Trust the Tardis brand

Precisely what you’d expect from a company with the Tardis brand.

A company who provides itself on the provision of bulk water for construction and industry, backed up with a choice of storage vessels from 1000 litres to 250,000 litres and the water hygiene personnel, to provide testing for a variety of conditions. In fact, you could say  Everything water and you’d be right.

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