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News from the world of Tardis Environmental

Tardis gets World Cup Fever

Where it all began. Yes, we've all come down with it,  Tardis gets World Cup Fever The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930 It’s all about the goals. Germany have been the highest goal scorers in all three previous editions of the World Cup. They scored 18...

Just when you thought you’d heard enough of GDPR

GDPR We'll keep it brief. If you’ve not heard about GDPR, you must have been in a monastery on another planet, GDPR is everywhere. The first thing we have to say, is you could have been spared many of those samey old e mails, if the senders hadn’t leapt into panic...

Big tanks call for big tankers, Tardis delivers H2O

When the need for water is big, you send in the big tankers, like we did to a client in Runcorn. Two 195,000 litre tanks required refilling with clean water after maintenance. It turned out to be almost a bucket brigade, with one tanker leaving only to be replaced with another.

Hull throws open its gates to Tardis Environmental

  After a slight delay, we're operational. We had a couple of administrative snags which prevented us opening when we actually would have liked to, but we’re cock a hoop to announce that Thursday May 3rd, the carpets will be down and the curtains up in our brand new...

Water water everywhere (and there’s plenty to drink too)

No, it’s not Spring water in our tanker, but we are delivering quality assured drinking water and as you see from the blossom on the trees, it’s spring. Just our play on words, but nothing flippant about the quality of the commodity we deliver, whether it’s water to drink or water for construction or events. Always prepped and delivered in first class condition

Another new Tardis tanker takes to the road.

Maiden voyage to Manchester As we reported in the spring edition of the Tardis Times, we’re increasing the fleet with the acquisition of new tankers. Recognising that the Tardis tanker is the work horse of our fleet,  three brand new  vehicles have arrived and gone...