Japanese Toilet makers Satis have made a toilet that has Bluetooth and its own app.

The Japanese are the leaders in high tech loos. I did a blog late last year on a loo that could save a penalty kick from a professional Footballer.

So what can this Bluetooth toilet do?

Well from checking the video and checking the web, I have found that you can control the toilet with an app you can download onto you mobile phone. The app will allow you to control everything, like the lifting of the toilet seat, flushing it after us. This toilet is more than just your average Bluetooth toilet.

It has a secret and slightly scary hidden feature. If you have watched the video, you can probably see the extending perforated pipe that comes out at an angle and squirts water at you. Yes this is an extending bidet feature. From what I can tell from the video (it’s all in Japanese writing) you can change how the water is released and what pressure it will have.

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