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We like to present the less pedestrian aspects of bulk water deliveries in our blogs and video reports and this one is no exception.

Have you noticed the increase in solar panel farms these days?

These things are revolutionising renewable energy and compared to the wind farm, they are relatively low maintenance.

However, the panels are exposed to wind and rain and airborne contamination which makes the panels dirty, just like your windows at home.

That’s why we find ourselves as bulk water providers, delivering clean water for panel cleaning.

As you can see in our video, we deposit the water in a collection of IBCs for the client to use and rather like your neighbourhood window cleaner, they use a pump affair and a squeegee on a long pole to give the panels a good cleanse.

Removing even a small film of dirt can improve the operating efficiency of the panel by up to 20% so we are told.

That’s the beauty of the H2O on site service. We bring the water to you, up to 32,000 litres per load and if you need vessels to store the water, we can provide those too.

And we provide bulk water storage vessels too

The IBCs in the video belong to the client, but we keep a huge quantity in stock, as this is probably the simplest way to store a thousand litres of clean water in a compact heavy duty cube.

We’ve towable options if you need to move the water round site.

Static tanks come in 5, 10, 15 and 20,000 litre variants  and there’s the newly introduced pillow or bladder tanks which offer static storage with a small footprint up  200,000 litres per time.

Tanker barrels up to 30,000 litres are a popular bulk option, where we pop along and top up on demand.

And water pumps to pump it around

As for moving the water round, we mentioned the towable bowser for small quantities (2000 litres), though to move large capacities of water to where it’s needed, we recommend you chat with us about our range of pumps in electric, petrol and Diesel powered with varying abilities, depending if the water is to be pumped across the flat or against gravity.


macerator pump

New from Tardis, macerator pump


electric on demand pump



As specialists in the bulk water field, we supply everything you need to simplify your water storage solutions.

Someone called us about filling two large swimming pools. No problem we said and over a couple of days, we did the job, all 600,000 litres all drawn from licensed local authority sources and delivered with hygiene in mind, tanker barrels and fittings treated beforehand to prevent contamination.

We even filled up the pool at the seal enclosure at a well known zoo, much to the delight of the waiting residents arf arf and we put the fun into a theme park ride, 80,000 litres for the white knuckle, white water raft experience.

Tardis H2O

Bulk water on site

All showing that as specialists in the business, people trust the Tardis H2O on site team to deliver water for a wide variety of purposes.

Whatever your need for water, day to day or imaginative, we’re easy to find.

One number nationwide: 0800 731 0589 for the website and nine depots nationwide to ensure we can reach you.

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