Need more than 4000 Gallons of Bulk Water?

If you need bulk water at a construction site or at an event/festival and need it to be more than 10,000 litres. Then why not hire out, our 4000 gallons H2O bulk water tank. Our H2O Tank can be taken to any site as the H2O tank is towable. The H2O Tank is great for Bulk Water Storage and bulk water supply at an event or construction site.

Need even more fresh water?

Try our 6000 gallon tanker. This is the largest amount of fresh clean water we can deliver straight to your site. This is great if your site is not near a mains water supply and you have a large welfare unit that needs a bulk water supply.

All water that is delivered is clean fresh water and is not for drinking. If you require drink water, you will need to hire one of our special drinking bowsers. All our drinking bowsers are cleaned and sanitised before we put drinking water in the Bowser. All our drinking bowsers are only used for drinking water. Not even fresh clean water is a loud to be put in our drinking bowser. Drinking water is keep inside the bowser is okay to use for 48 hours, after that the bowser will need fresh drinking water and a sterilised wash down before it can be used again.

Don’t worry if you need water for washing hands as fresh clean water is fine to use for washing. It’s just not safe enough for drinking.

Tardis are Experts in anything that involves water whether it is waste water from a septic tank emptying service  or clean fresh water and even drinking water. Need more information about our bulk water storage solutions? Call our Freephone number 0800 731 0589 and speak to one of our friendly hire staff.