Saint Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and whether you like Guinness or not you may well be going to or even holding an event for this much loved day.

Now if you’re holding an event you may be busy inviting people and arranging the whole thing, worrying about how drunk everyone will get how they will wreck the house and break your beloved ornaments which I’m sure they won’t, their all sensible adults.

Well why not take a load of your mind, and rent a portable toilet that you can stick in your garden and make the intoxicated people go outside instead of upstairs or around your house without supervision.

After all if you or your guests are drinking a lot (not judging) on Saint Patrick’s Day, you may find you also tend to have more trips to the bathroom!

Often providing sufficient toilet services is a last minute after thought, so why not make sure you have sufficient toilet facilities, book your hire of chemical portable toilets with Tardis and you will be able to take advantage of our hire expertise to make sure your guests are not queuing for the loo, keeping them happy and not desperate for that one toilet you have upstairs!

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