What the difference between a Cesspool and Septic tank?

Well to tell the truth there’s not a lot  of difference between a cesspit/cesspool or septic tank. They both hold sewage or wet waste and both need to be emptied on a regular basis.

The only difference is a septic tank is buried under ground and sealed by a hatch and slowly separates the waste water into three layers and then release the waste water layer through some perforated pipes that will then soak into the groundwater level.

A Cesspit or Cesspool is basically made from loose brick or stone, which is dug into the ground, the normal size of a cesspool is around 1 metre in diameter and approximately 2-3 metres deep. They would also leak waste water back into the groundwater. Back in the 16th century cesspits were cleaned only at night to avoid annoying the public with the smell.

This is why septic tanks are mainly used for domestic and commercial wet waste.

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