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Does your Septic tank need a confined crew?

What size is a confined space?

A confined space does not have to be a small space which is hard to enter and exit for it to be classed as a confined can also be a large silo or tank that has limited or restricted access or if the space is badly ventilated like a large tunnel. The CSR (Confined Space Regulations) 1997 describes confined space as any place. This will include chambers, vat, silos, sewer, well and any other  confined spaces that has a foreseeable risk.

These are as follows:

  • Drowning of any person at work
  • Loss of consciousness of any person arising from a high ambient temperature.
  • Fire or explosion
  • Loss of consciousness or asphyxiation of any person at work arising from gas, fumes, vapour or lack of oxygen
  • Asphyxiation of any person at work arising from a free flowing solid

What Is P.P.E?

P.P.E is short for Personal protective equipment.

What are the types of personal protective equipment?

  • Respirators
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective clothing
  • Protective footwear
  • Eye protection
Equipment for confined space

How do you check if you have the correct P.P.E on?

First you must check the following, Does if fit correctly, are you comfortable, will the P.P.E interfere with the job that is being done, is there any health risk like entanglement with machinery or overheating of equipment.

Tardis will ensure that when a confined space entry is required it is supervised by at least one man. All Drivers will have all the necessary P.P.E equipment. All other equipment including breathing apparatus, ropes, harnesses, winches, carabineers and fall/rescue equipment will always checked before use.

So no matter if it’s a septic tank or a massive silo you can be sure that Tardis Environmental will get the job done.