Police and fire-fighters where call out to Walton Road residence on Friday afternoon after a crane working on a tree removal project tipped over on its side, narrowly missing the home and residence.

Thankfully No one was injured in the accident, the accident occurred after 1 p.m. at a home on Walton Road, according to Police Chief who answered the call.

An investigation into what had showed the crane tipped over because one of its stabilizers had been placed on an in-ground septic tank.

Apparently the stabilizers on the truck punched right through the septic tank, which caused the crane to tip.

The smell of the ruptured septic tank system was pretty evident when police and fire fighters arrived at the scene.

Dan Hurley, owner of the Crane Company, said the truck had remained on the spot all day until the stabilizer punched through the septic. Hurley said crews had only one tree left to remove when the truck tipped.

“I wasn’t aware we were sitting on a septic tank,” he said. “It wasn’t marked on the paperwork.”

White said fire-fighters were on scene to make sure no hydraulic fluid spilled from the truck.

Another crane had to be brought in to help right the original crane back into position.

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