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Tardis have Crossrail compliant Tankers

What is the compliance that Crossrail make mandatory in their contracts?

With every Crossrail Contract there is a mandatory requirement for Lorries working on the project. This Mandatory requirement must be met or the contractor runs the risk of being turned away from the Crossrail site. This will be at the contractor’s expense and will be liable for any costs incurred.

Tardis Tanker Rear

What will you need to do to make sure you are within the guidelines?  All HGVs that turn up to a Crossrail site must have the following equipment attached or installed on the Vehicle. The Requirements are all HGVs must be fitted with Fresnel Lenses, side scan equipment which will then give of a loud audible beep in the drivers cab when an object is near, like a cyclist or pedestrian. Under-run guards that will prevent a cyclist from coming into contact with the wheels of the lorry. Vehicles must also have carry signs that will warn cyclists and pedestrians.Tardis 32 ton TankerTrixi mirrors are also being installed at the left turn at traffic signals near Crossrail sites.The measure will support the wider work by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.Tardis Environmental have Crossrail compliant Tankers, not only that our two brand new Scania lorries are fully Crossrail Compliant with even more safety features like side and rear cameras that will let the driver see where the tanker is reversing and what objects are in the way.

Tardis Tanker

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