A Dog Let it’s Curiosity get the better of it, as the dog fell down into a septic tank on Tuesday In Palm Beach County.

The dog’s name was Shelly, the 11-year-old Delray Beach family’s pointer, stirred up the neighbourhood on election night when the 96-pound pooch fell into an open septic tank and prompted a rescue by Delray Beach Fire Rescue and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

Video of dog being Winched out of septic tank

The Septic tank hatch was left open because it was being repaired by a septic tank operator. Luckily most of the wet waste was sucked out before Shelly fell into the tank.

When the family found their beloved pooch, Shelly was sitting in feces, 6 feet below ground.

Rescue crews arrived a short time later. It was unclear if Shelley was hurt.

Crews quickly donned on their high Vis yellow protective suits, orange boots and a harness.

Emergency workers set up a tripod and winch system, which is typically used to rescue dogs. A worker descended into the tank and wrapped Shelley’s body in the harness, then attached it to the tripod.

Another worker manned a crank from above and hauled Shelly out of the hole.

Luckily Shelly appeared unharmed.

Tardis Have just employed a new Health and Safety Manager so accidents like this don’t occur when we perform a septic tank Emptying service