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Following our recent post on septic tanks, we thought you might appreciate a little insight as to how fuss free a tank empty can be from the client’s point of view.

domestic septic tank emptying


This week, we carried out such a job at a stables not too far from Tardis, over in leafy Stonnall (though fewer leaves at this time of year).


horses in a field

Amusingly, the client phoned us and said “our septic tank smells”, which is indeed a good indicator that it’s time to empty it.

The tank was situated at the bottom of the garden area of the property, our only hazard being the electric fences in place to keep the resident horses from straying from their paddocks.

The tanker reversed down the driveway, which was firm ground and was able to park up within a few metres of the tank hatch.

Tanker Captain Nick organised his safety harness, tethering himself to a nearby convenient tree. He connected the pipework between tank and tanker and proceeded  to empty the tank.

The client made his morning by shouting across the paddock, “How many sugars” and a hot refreshing and very welcome mug of tea followed.

We removed about a thousand gallons from the tank and our lady client said she was glad the smell had gone.

As this was an older tank, unlike modern plastic ones, it lacked a close fitting hatch, hence the odour emanating from within as it filled up.

As is usual with our work in the field, we popped along and made a short video of the proceedings and we’re proud to present it below.

As you’ll see, it’s all pretty straightforward, but of course not all domestic tanks are installed so close to a convenient drive way and have access for a 32 tonne tanker like the Bumble Bee.

We have a solution for just about all domestic tank empties, which includes our cracking new 7.5 tonne mini tanker which can negotiate more limited access situations and our towable vacuum tank which hooks up to a 4X4, especially useful when the ground isn’t as firm as the drive way encountered at the stables.

In our experience, more than a few people aren’t sure whether their tank is indeed a septic tank or a cess pit or a waste tank.  Our friendly hire desk will always advise on the differences and of course help you book the right vehicle for the job.

All you need is one number nationwide to chat with them and that is 0800 731 0589