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High Pressure Jetting

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High Pressure Jetting

Our Tardis high pressure jetting vac tanker has a suction element to remove the blockage. In an ideal world, clean water flowing through the pipework would not cause any blockages.

What is high pressure jetting?

An effective way of cleaning drains and sewer lines through using water. It is a method that has been around for over a century as it originated from the mining industry. The main reason for using high pressure water is that it is more of an environmental method of unclogging drains or sewers.

What is the benefit of Drain Jetting?

This method provides the most environmentally sensitive technique available to industry. It utilises water rather than chemicals to dislodge most drainage blockages.
Our tankers feature a high pressure lance and a reel of hose, to unblock the drain using a jet of high pressure water. It also has a gully arm fitted for roadside drain work.
The high pressure water jet dislodges any blockages and the suction section of the tanker removes them.

Quite often new build construction sites require this service. Building materials can become lodged in a new drainage system from open manholes, causing blockages elsewhere in the line.

On older installations, it should be noted that if blockages recur, it may be prudent to employ a CCTV survey. We can also provide video of the drainage system to identify the cause of the blockage. This could be broken drainage pipework or tree root ingress.
If you require a CCTV Survey, view our page here for further information.

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