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CCTV Surveys

A survey pinpoints the problems and allows you to plan your remedial action.


A CCTV drone is your first step to cost effective drainage repair, taking the guesswork out of identifying the location of a problem, by providing photographic and video records of just what sort of problem is down there.  This can be a cracked or leaking drain pipe, tree root ingress or at worst, a complete collapse.


CCTV Surveys

Our robots send back useful data from their reconnaisance missions.


Sometimes, conventional jetting doesn’t clear the problem of drainage blocks,  partly because the operators can’t see deep into a system.

A CCTV survey is the answer, as the drone unit is small enough to venture into small bore drainage as well as the big stuff with ease, recording and sending back video footage of everything it finds.

In addition to blockages, the remote unit can identify damage to pipework such as cave ins, tree root ingress and all the other forms of drainage foul ups the naked eye would never get to see without a modecum of guesswork and a lot of shovelling.

Armed with reliable data, our crews can evaluate the right level of corrective action which fortunately, using modern techniques which  may not even involve digging up the pipeline.