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Anyone who knows us here at Tardis, is aware we cover a wide range of services which nestle under the environmental umbrella.

Occasionally we do find ourselves asked the unusual, for example draining a flooded lift shaft.

You’ll find this happens in older hi rise blocks where the original design and building regulations didn’t take into account the possibility of flooding or general water ingress at the bottom of a lift shaft which in more modern buildings is removed by purpose made pumping equipment.

When this facility is missing Tardis steps into the breach.

We’ve the equipment and the expertise to assess the situation, provide the right equipment (tanker, hose arrangement etc) come in, remove the flooding and dispose of it safely and ethically.

A few words about assessing the situation.

Quite often it will be found that the pool at the bottom of the lift shaft isn’t just water. More often there will be oil and grease which is after all a commonplace ingredient in lift gear.

We provide the right type of vacuum tanker and disposal method helping you stay the right side of the law and regulatory bodies.

Prior to collection, we would ask that you register your premises with the Environment Agency. You can contact them on 03708 502858 for further information on classifying the waste produced by the flooded lift shaft.

Of course, whilst we’re sorting the problem, we’ll ensure that Health & Safety issues are properly addressed and that lift downtime is kept to a minimum.

As a licensed waste carrier, you can be assured the mixture will be disposed of legally and ethically with all relative paperwork kept for inspection if necessary.

All part of the Tardis service.

We’ve forged strong working relationships with property management companies and social housing organisations across the country. So if you find yourself in a similar situation to some of our established clients, give us a call on the usual number.

Remember we’re a 24 hour 365 day operation too, so if the situation is grave, you know who you can trust.

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