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One of the less common jobs we engage in, is the removal of drilling slurry.

This can consist of anything from a slightly discoloured water to a thick chocolatey mud soup which we don’t recommend you drink.

Whatever the consistency, we can evaluate and arrange to remove just about any quantity.

We’ve two videos to show the diversity and the capability of our vehicles to come.

The soupy one was local to Tardis HQ and was a slurry from a new build project, where the ground was red mud. This is how we ended up with the soup.

This sort of waste, has a high solids content and therefore has to be disposed of at a facility registered to handle that sort of waste.

Also, because some of the soup settles on the journey to the waste facility, the tanker has to have a was out after the job is complete.

A few days later down in Southall London, we found ourselves on another drilling slurry removal job and this time it was just discoloured water, but a lot more of it, calling for four large articulated tankers.

Of course, this too has to be disposed of at the correct handling facility, which we did with almost military precision, having tankers on site to move into position to fill up, drive off to the waste facility 6 miles away and then return, during which time, another tanker moved into fill position ready for its cargo.

As for the local job, this was somewhat different, with the soup having a recipe.

The guys removing it from the ground, would mix it with water to make a suspension in a holding tank which is from where the Tardis tanker vacuumed it .

In this instance a smaller rigid tanker did the business, much to the client’s satisfaction.

Tardis tankers can tackle a multiplicity of jobs of which drilling slurry is only one.