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We’ve recently shot some new video footage of our dust suppression bowser in action before it went out on hire.

The video below, features a dust suppression bowser being towed around our Walsall site. The bowsers are fabricated by Tardis and are available for both hire and sale.

Dust suppression bowser stats:

  • 4 metres long, 2 metres wide, 1.8 metres high
  • 2,000 litre / 500 gallon capacity

Dust suppression bowsers are commonly used in the construction or agricultural industry, on construction sites, renovation sites, demolition sites and quarries as an ideal choice to combat dust particles in the air. It works by damping down the particles, particularly important with summer approaching and possible dry weather.

Not only is dust hanging around in the air irritating, it can also be viewed as a risk to health. High levels of dust on construction sites has been identified by the Health and Safety Executive as a possible cause of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease of the lungs). This is because small dust particles remain in the air longer and if inhaled, can cause damage if they become lodged deeper into the lungs. By keeping dust to a minimum, you could be protecting your workforce and helping to keep them healthy.

Having a dust suppression bowser will help also help eliminate some of the dirt and dust from being trailed around other areas of the site, reducing the risk of contamination.

The bowser can be seen mounted on a trailer with land rover style wheels, allowing for easy transportation, even on rough terrain. The bowser is also fitted with a mounted petrol water pump.

For more information on a cost effective solution for dust control on your site, as well as the other water bowsers we offer, contact our friendly Tardis hire team today on 0800 731 0589.