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It’s that time again when construction has finished and your effluent tank is no longer needed. This guide will assist in our final empty procedure making sure your waste holding tanks are ready to be removed in a smooth, hassle free way. More importantly, if a final empty isn’t done correctly additional costs could be added.

In essence, Tardis can arrive on site, remove the remaining waste from the effluent tank and dispose it correctly at an authorised waste disposal facility. Then it will be followed up by the collection of the waste tank to be removed off site.


What is a Final Empty Procedure?


A final empty procedure for waste holding tanks is to completely remove all the waste left inside the tank before being removed off site. A most common error is when we have been to sites where the waste tank has not been completely empty, due to it not being fully disconnected. We cannot remove the tanks from site with any waste left inside as it can not be transported that way, additionally this will occur extra costs.

Top Tip: Once the waste holding tank has been completely emptied, remember to remove the connection.


What do I need to do with the waste tank before collection?


In theory, nothing at all in regards to moving or relocating the waste tank as it will contain waste. However, when the tank is full and ready for final empty, the following below points are a must before we arrive and collect:


  1. Please ensure the tank is disconnected.
  2. The tank is accessible by a Tardis Tanker.
  3. The effluent tank must then be tilted to enable us to remove all the waste completely from the tank.
  4. The tank is not used until the time we arrive for collection.



effluent tank connection to welfare unit

The connection above was put in by one of our Tardis Fitters. The connection is the outlet from a welfare unit which will attach to the effluent tank that is actually buried next to the unit.


removing connection from a buried waste tank

The buried steel waste tank above has been disconnected from the the unit and has clear access for a tanker to empty it. The next step would be to dig the tank out and tilt it for a full empty.


Caution: If the waste tank has been completely emptied but is still connected, there will still be a chance waste is in the tank when our operators attempt to collect. This is why leaving it disconnected is important as recommended in the top tip above.


We strongly remind customers of this procedure because if we go back on site to remove further waste, there will be extra charges applied.


What if my Waste Tank is buried?


Please ensure that if you have a waste tank that has been buried (similar to the image above), it must be raised to ground level so we can collect the tank.


The 5 Step Procedure…


Below shows the steps of the processes conducted once the customer informs Tardis they are due a final tank empty.

  1. Customer advises Tardis that they need a final tank empty.
  2. They receive a customer order confirmation highlighting important details.
  3. Our Tardis driver will complete the job on site as a final empty.
  4. Once completed on site, driver reports the information to our transport team.
  5. Our transport team relay this information back to the customer with a copy of the ticket and any photos that the driver took whilst on site.
  6. Tardis will then arrange to collect the tank off your site.


Why is this so important?


Tardis Environmental have a wide range of tankers out on a daily basis. We serve many customers from the construction to the events industry. Should the above procedure not be adhered, we may have to re-schedule causing further delays on site.

Another problem we often encounter is a property or site where an HGV has no chance of access. We do need to know for example, how far the tank servicing port is from the road, so if we know in advance, we can arrange the appropriate vehicle for the job will run in a smooth manner.

If you are unsure about this, please give us a call and we can sort this before arriving on the job and ultimately emptying your tank quicker.

Waste Holding Tanks available for Hire


Do you require a waste tank for site? Click the button below to see our waste tank hire page for common tank sizes. We also supply effluent tanks at bespoke sizes to suit you needs with our waste tank fabrication.


Need a final empty of an Effluent Holding Tank?


Contact us today and we can arrange for final empty of your waste tank.

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