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Tardis Environmental offer plastic and steel waste holding tanks. Effluent tanks, (also known as plastic or steel waste tanks) are available from Tardis for hire/sale.



We supply our waste holding tanks for many different industries such as construction, events and festivals. Each has its own merits. Steel waste tanks can handle the hard knocks of construction site life, whereas plastic is lighter for transportation and flexibility. It is important to remember that when a plastic waste tank becomes full of water, it can become just as heavy as a steel waste tank. Although plastic waste tanks offer a lightweight option, it is still best to consider the appropriate waste tank for your needs.



The sizes below are our standard sizes that can fit comfortably under welfare and toilet blocks but of course, a waste tank can also be buried for convenience provided the service ports are open to access. More information can be found for our welfare unit servicing and toilet block emptying service.


Steel waste tank servicing


Main stock sizes include:

  • 600 Gallons (2700 litres)
  • 1000 Gallons (4500 litres)
  • 2000 Gallons (9000 litres)
  • 3000 Gallons (13600 litres)


We also provide to the event and festival markets. A buried waste tank can be beneficial for high traffic events. Due to being able to hold a high volume of waste, servicing is simpler and our Tardis tankers can come on site and remove the waste.



What’s the difference between steel waste tanks and plastic waste tanks?


Tardis Environmental can help you decide…



Steel Effluent Tank                             Plastic Effluent Tank


Steel Effluent Tanks

Plastic Effluent Tanks

  • Ideal solution where there is no access to the main sewage line
  • Built in lifting handles and sling points
  • Robust construction. Fabricated in-house from 4mm mild steel
  • Sloped upper surface to drain off rainwater
  • Lifting eyes for easy transport
  • Sealed access ports protect against spillage and odours
  • 4 x six-inch inspection hatches (located in each corner)
  • Increase volume by linking several tanks together to extend the period between waste tank empties
  • Easy wet waste removal due to large inspection hatches
  • Linkable in two directions; side-to-side, nose-to-tail
  • Will fit under most welfare cabins to conserve space on site
  • Stackable
  • Can be plumbed into more than one welfare unit
  • Volume: 2270 litres (500 gallons)
  • New SMS alarm units available to alert when the tank is full



Steel Waste Tanks


A steel effluent tank (or steel waste tank) is often a long-term hire solution. If the tank can be static and kept in the same spot for long-term, a steel tank (though heavier) can be a much better solution. They are heavier than the plastic waste tank and therefore restricts movement.


For the final emptying process of a steel waste tank, it will require the tank being tilted so all the waste can be removed for the final empty. This could be something to consider when choosing where to place burying the waste tank. Enough space for access to the tank and for our Tardis Tankers to conduct a service.



Plastic Waste Tanks


A plastic waste tank is a lightweight option. Please note that a full plastic waste tank can still be difficult to manoeuvre on site. Plastic waste tanks are ideal as they are stackable. They have become a popular alternative to steel waste tanks.




  • You can bury a steel waste tank
  • Consider the best option for your needs. Short term or long term hire? It may determine what type of effluent tank you need.



  • Leave the tank to overflow. If the tank becomes around 75% full if you give us a call and arrange a tank empty to prevent any overflow of waste!
  • Burying a plastic tank. Instead, use a steel tank as this is more suitable.



Introducing Tardis Fabrication


Did you know we also manufacture bespoke waste tanks? These can be any size and any shape and we’ll build in whatever features you need, such as site glasses. Our fabrications shop is highly equipped and offers a fast turnaround from drawings to install.


Custom Waste Tank Fabrication


Depending on your needs, our products are available for hire or sale. Check out our Waste Hire Services page for more information.


Contact us for your free quote.


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