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Do you have issues with placing large capacity waste tanks under your unit? We have a solution with out elongated waste tanks. Waste tanks, also known as effluent tanks, are used in conjunction with welfare units. They provide storage for greywater and waste. The issue is that some welfare units may not be raised high enough to place a standard waste tank underneath. It results in placing the tank in a less ideal place. For sites with limited space, this is not ideal.


What are Elongated Waste Tanks?


An elongated waste tank is a space saving option without sacrificing the ability to hold high capacity amounts of wastewater. It’s slim line design provides an option to place under welfare units with limited space. Traditional effluent tanks for example would not fit under certain units due to it’s big and bulky design. Our elongated waste tank can hold over 4000L of water.

elongated waste tank

They are not intended to be buried as they can be placed directly under the unit and serviced via the hose point. The primary purpose is to provide a solution for storing waste and wastewater where there is no access to the main sewage line. We can provide bespoke waste tanks to suit your needs. Check out for more information below.


Waste Tank Fabrication


Main features of our Elongated Waste Tank


  • Lifting Eyes for easy transport.
  • Perfect solution when there is no access to a main sewage line and space is a limiting factor.
  • 6 inch inspection hatches located in each corner (large inspection hatches provide easier wet waste removal).
  • Can be plumbed into more than one welfare unit.


The perfect slimline waste holding tank solution!


Remember: On final empties, the waste tank has to be tilted to be able to remove all the waste before it can be taken offsite. For other water tanks that you have for water storage on site, check out our Tardis H2O division.

For more information on our wastewater storage options, contact us today on 0800 731 0589. For more information, you can contact us below.

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