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Bonfire night events celebrations with Tardis Environmental


Have you planned your bonfire night event? Remember, remember the 5th of November, and your portable toilet hire. We have used this one before, but it can’t be any truer. With bonfire night around the corner, this time of year can be busy but festive! With the reminder of Guy Fawkes Night, there will be plenty of celebrations across the UK. Whether you’re hosting a small bonfire party or planning one for the masses, at Tardis Environmental we can provide a wide range of portable toilets and welfare services.

bonfire night events


Event planning advice – Place your toilets accordingly for accessibility and convenience

When planning the event, you need to consider what type of portable toilets you will require. We have many types including event portable toilets, mains portable toilets (it can even include a light) and a disabled portable toilet. For higher traffic events you may want to consider our portable urinal bays. When you have ordered your relevant toilet hire, it is important to place the toilets at an appropriate location. A frequently asked question that we often discuss with customers is where to place the toilet.


Where to place an outdoor toilet?


Placing toilets in a clear to access area is a must. Furthermore, regarding the maintenance of portable toilets, it is also worth considering that our Tardis service vehicles can access the toilets efficiently for servicing. This applies particularly for events that require frequent toilet servicing. During the maintenance of portable toilets, it’s important to maintain the flow of traffic to allow a full service on each toilet.

To work out how many portable toilets you will need for your event please click here to use our toilet calculator.


A variety of toilet hire options


Portable urinals for hire


We have several portable urinal bays depending on your event. We have our single bay, 4 bay, 6 bay and 20 bay urinal for the heavier footfall events. It’s been proven that urinal’s can help cut down on queues.

event portable toilets

Portable Toilet Hire

Check out our event toilet hire page for more information. We have a variety of outdoor toilets available.

Portable Urinal Hire


To summarise; The most important tips for successful events


  • The consumption of alcohol will increase the usage of facilities. Inevitably, the demand for toilets increases and the overall number of toilets required. Use our portable toilet calculator in order to see how many toilets you need.


  • Consider the overall number of attendees and the duration of your event. To keep cleanliness and sanitation standards high, make sure regular services are scheduled throughout your event.


  • Placement of the toilet facilities. It is important to place the toilets in easy to reach areas. Furthermore, in larger events, toilet servicing may be required regularly. However, for smaller sized events, we recommend placing your toilet facilities near key designated areas such as food stalls, entrance/exits etc. The toilets must be placed so that our Tardis service vehicles have access to the toilets and service them.





Why Tardis?


Tardis Environmental

Tardis Environmental has been providing portable toilets to events of all sizes successfully for the past decade. Our event toilets do not need connections to any services for example water, electricity and waste connections which makes them ideal for bonfire night.

Please call 0800 731 0589 to book your event portable toilet hire today. Alternatively, you can contact us below with your requirements and a member of our team will assist you further.

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