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Difference between a Waste Tank & Septic Tank?

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Septic Tank & Waste Tanks- What’s the difference?



Some people get confused between a septic tank and a waste tank. It’s a simple mistake that we can explain. We will highlight the main differences



What is a Septic Tank?



In general, septic tanks will be found in more remote areas where there is no mains sewage disposal system. This can be a small domestic tank, a medium to large tank catering to a rural hotel. Furthermore, larger tanks for industrial premises that are out of town. Domestic tanks are buried with only the access port above the ground. The one thing they all have in common is their chemical action on the contents.


For more information on when a septic tank should be emptied, visit our Septic Tank Emptying page below by clicking below.



What is a Waste Holding Tank?


A waste tank is simply a holding tank for waste. The tank is used in which liquid waste is flushed. The tank should be monitored and emptied on a regular basis when it is nearer to fill (meaning then it is approaching full). This is because there is no chemical action or mechanism where harmless water soaks away into the surrounding soil as happens with a septic tank.


The common use for waste tanks is non-permanent use on construction projects. They are often used under a welfare cabin or toilet block and in a similar arrangement at events and festivals.


Click below to view more information on our waste tanks.

What are the main differences?


Septic Tank


  • Septic Tanks will require emptying less frequent (can vary to once every six months).
  • Septic Tank pumping is often done once a year (this is to remove solids that build up in the system).

Waste Tank

  • Waste tanks are often emptied on a weekly basis.
  • A Waste tank is emptied by pumping the waste into our tanker removing all contents


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