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Red, Green, Yellow . . . . no we’re not talking about the colours of the Tardis trucks but just a few of the colours you might see lighting up the sky later this week when we all have one the most macabre celebrations that could be!

But, of course, no big, bonfire night out would be complete without a few hot drinks and a nice hot dog, so organisers of the event ensure they get the catering vans in, so we can all get a nice hot mug of something to wrap our cold hands around.

But how well do event organises plan for inevitable that happens once you’ve had a couple of coffees (or maybe alternative refreshment!). Often the provision of adequate toilet facilities is a last minute after thought, not enough and difficult to find!

So why not make sure that your planning for next year’s bonfire night puts this as a priority, book your hire of portable toilets now, draw on Tardis Hire’s expertise to ensure you have the right number of portable toilets in the right place. Then next year’s event will have one damp squib less!