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We’re off to an exciting start to the year following the launch of our brand new website. We spent the final months of 2017 working our socks off here in the marketing department in anticipation for the big event.


The old website was a little out of date and over cluttered following the introduction of new products and services so we decided to start afresh, building the website on a completely different platform.

We’ve given the website a simple, clean look and made it easier to navigate. We’ve built in both ease of use and info at a click to aid visitors in their quest for knowledge.

As regular blog readers will be aware, it’s not only the products and services we provide that have burgeoned over recent months, we’ve also launched into creating promotional, instructional and training videos. All of our videos now have a new home in our on site video library.

Video library


Following a similar theme, we realised we wanted to make key information such as dimensions, capabilities etc. of our vehicles and hire equipment a little easier to find. So we designed the spec sheet library, conveniently organised into categories so you can quickly find the information you require. Now all you have to do is click the icon to open a PDF, which can be viewed online or downloaded to your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Be sure to use our interactive toilet calculator when you’re in the planning stages of your event or festival to give an indication of the number of portable toilets you will require in comparison to the expected attendance at your event. We’ve also an article here with a guide to successful event planning.

Our toilet calculator also helps when calculated when considering how many toilets will be required on your construction site.

Portable toilet calculator

We’ve also relocated the Tardis blog to increase our readership and we’ll be updating our vacancies page on a weekly basis so jobseekers please check in!

As always, during office hours you can contact us via live chat if you’ve any questions whilst searching our website. If you’d prefer you can submit a contact form or give us a call on our usual nationwide number 0800 731 0589.

If you’ve any feedback on our new website, feel free to drop us an email at

Happy new year to all our readers, old and new. Happy browsing!