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This is the gateway page to loads of useful information that accompanies a wider range of services from our company.

From here, you can navigate to useful pages concerning portable toilet hire, where you can and can’t site them, safety tips and what you should consider before hiring them.


There’s our very popular event planning guide, which goes hand in hand with our video covering a host of things to consider to aid a successful event.


You’ll also find troubleshooting guides and information regarding the certification we subscribe to for Health & Safety, Quality and procurement purposes.

The extremely useful spec sheet library will provide vital information on vehicles and plant we may send, vehicle dimensions for example are important when your space is at a premium.

That’s why for each job was accept, we e mail out the relevant spec sheets for our clients to review. A small but important job, to ensure the work you booked goes smoothly.

Information at your fingertips, all part of the service.