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Event Planning

Your guide to successful event planning

  • Ensure the ground where the toilets are to be sited is firm and level.
  • Poor weather can effect condition of the ground, please ensure our service and collection vehicles have suitable access and if necessary tow vehicles etc.
  • If your event is to run for more than one day, with attendees on site overnight, please consider the increased usage the toilet facilities will receive and factor this into your overall plan.
  • The consumption of alcohol will increase the usage of facilities, thus increasing the overall number of toilets required and of course servicing of same.
  • Ensure the toilets can be accessed by a service van or tanker.
  • As part of your forward planning, consider the gender mix of your attendees at the same time, if this is biased towards male visitors consider increasing urinals to reduce loo queues. Additionally you should build in a percentage of disabled access toilets to your overall plan.
  • Advise campers where to dispose of their toilet waste which should be a facility separate to traditional portable toilets which are a closed system. Tipping of such waste will quickly cause an overflow and a chemical imbalance of the system which can cause it to stop working.
  • Consider the overall number of attendees and the day’s duration of your event, to keep cleanliness and sanitation standards at a peak, always factor in the amount of servicing your toilet facilities will require. We will quote this as part of the overall project.
  • At servicing times, especially at busier events, we recommend you provide adequate shepherding of visitors away from the area being serviced by a combination of marshalls and barriers. This pays dividends in the long run helping keep toilet facilities at their cleanest and most hygienic.
  • Shower facilities are also a major part of the event scene and we can offer a choice of bathing facilities including the self-contained 4 bay shower trailer unit shown below. These can be set up in less than 10 minutes and up to 4 people can shower in complete privacy.

The Tardis Hire team are available to discuss and advise with you your plans and requirements to help you organise a successful event.