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Important things to Consider – 4 Bay Gas Shower Trailers

Tardis shower trailers offer the privacy of individual shower cubicles.


Fold down steps are attached to the unit, so when opening the door upo setup, you simply fold down the steps.
Small feet on each side can be adjusted to take up any unevenness in the ground.

Each corner of the shower is supported with jack leg stabilisers which you must have solid supports, if used on grass, timber supports are recommended (not supplied).


Consider these points when hiring the 4 bay shower unit:


  • Ensure you have a suitable site postcode to place the trailer unit
  • You should decide how you want to manager the waste water created by the shower, you can either: allow the water to drain into the ground, use a waste storage tanker which we can provide or you can use existing drainage
  • If you chose the waste storage tank option, check you have the space to store the unit as the footprint will double
  • Showers are powered by propane gas which is stored within the service compartment of the shower unit
  • Do you have sufficient water supply? Tardis can supply water tanks, water pumps and a water delivery service if required.
  • Do you have the relevant skills required to connect the unit to the power, waste and water connections? If not, request a quote for a Tardis fitter