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By using a bladder tank of course.

These are also referred to as pillow tanks because of how they look when filled with liquid.

A tough, space saving (when empty) option for bulk liquid storage. They come in a variety of sizes up to 100,000 litres in our case and their main advantage is the simplicity of deployment.

As our video shows, you can unpack one from a small van in minutes, add your choice of inlet and outlet fittings and then bring in your tanker to fill it up.

In the case of our video, the tank was filled with clean water which was to be used for dust suppression at the beginning of a new building project.



These tanks are extremely versatile, being used for clean or dirty water storage. Farmers have been known to use them for bulk fertiliser storage and fire departments for water storage in remote high risk areas, as once closed, there’s no evaporation of the contents.

As you can see in the video, we sent along our Tardis fitters to set everything up and it really did take less than half an hour, before the water tanker was able to connect and begin filling.

A protective ground sheet is used and for special measure against debris damaging either that or the tank itself, the area is swept before the tank is deployed.

Bladder tanks are available from us and are manufactured to your requirements. We both sell and hire these items tailored exactly to your needs.

Talk to the hire team about the tanks and options to tailor to your needs.

Click here for more information on bladder tank hire.

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