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Have you prepared for the ultimate Halloween Event?


Remember to book your portable toilet hire with us!

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With Halloween around the corner, don’t scare yourself by forgetting to arrange your toilet hire for your event! Whether you’re running to save your soul or trying to escape from the conjuring, hosting the ultimate event is the goal. No matter the size of your event, Tardis Environmental provide toilet hire solutions such as portable toilets and portable urinals. Don’t forget to stop at one of our Tardis toilets, it may save your life!


Tardis Environmental offers a wide range of portable toilets and welfare services for all types of events. Many of our customers range from major construction companies to small individual households.


Top Tip- Don’t leave it last minute!


As part of a successful event plan, securing the logistics pre-event will help it run smooth and importantly satisfy customers for holding a memorable event. Remember, it is important to provide enough toilet facilities to cater to the needs of the event. Tardis can supply portable toilets such as disabled portable toilets and a mains portable toilet.


Tardis Portable Toilets


disabled portable toilet

Disabled Portable Toilet



hot wash portable toilet interior

Hot Wash Portable Toilet



Not sure how many toilets you need? Why not check out our Tardis Toilet Calculator.


When planning for your Halloween party this coming Autumn, you need to consider what type of portable toilets you will require. With all those Jekyll & Gins, Bloody Mary’s and Black Magic Margaritas you may want to consider our portable urinal bays.


Halloween Flaming Cocktail


The reason for providing various toilet facilities is due to reports that alcohol increases the demand for toilet use and rises by 13%. This will mean there is more of a chance that people may be queuing for the toilets. We often supply the events portable toilet, the disabled portable toilet and the portable urinals together.



Tardis Portable Urinal Hire


For heavy traffic events, our 4 bay urinal, 6 bay urinal and even the 20 bay urinal is an ideal solution to use in conjunction with portable toilets to help distribute the use of toilets and importantly, preventing no queuing.

6 Bay Portable Urinal

6 Bay Portable Urinal


20 bay portable urinal for males

20 Bay Urinal


Why Tardis?

We have over 25 years of experience in this field with a next day delivery to site. The benefits of using portable toilets for your celebration is that it saves on long queues for your guests as well as people coming in and out of your house all night long.


Contact Tardis today to arrange your event portable toilet hire. You can contact us on 0800 731 0589

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