What tanker do I need?

44ton Vacuum Tanker

If you need a general Septic tank Empty then the Tanker of choice would be one of our vacuum tankers. You can choice from an 18 ton Vacuum tanker all the way up to our flag ship 44ton vacuum tanker.

What other jobs can a vacuum tanker perform?

Vacuum tankers can also be used for wash downs, Bulk water delivery, grease trap cleaning and Man Hole Emptying. Please remember when ordering one of the above services to make sure that you have enough room for the Vacuum tanker to get to job that you have requested, all our tanker carry 40mts of suction hose if you think the tanker will need more then please request when ordering a tanker as we can make sure the tankers leaves with the correct length of hose

Vacuum Tanker 26 ton


Need A Jetting Service? Jet Vac Tanker 18 Tons

Our High Volt or Low Volt Jet Vac Tankers are perfect for jobs like Drainage cleaning, Aco Cleaning, Pressure cleaning, Gully sucking and drain unblocking. The Jet vac Tankers will carry up to 100mts of jetting hose, which is more than enough to get the job done. If you are having a drain unblocking service and our jet vac still can’t unblock the sewage pipe then you could ask us to perform a CCTV survey to see what has happened and see if you need a new pipe or sewage system.

Does your Site need cleaning?

Then ask for one of our Tardis Road Sweepers to perform a site or if you are not at a site then you could ask for a simple road sweep. Our Road sweepers can even clean your gully out.

All our Vehicles are chapter 8 approved and you can now download a spec sheet from our website on all our tankers in PDF form.

Need a Septic tank Emptying service then don’t hestitate to give Tardis a call on 0800 731 0589