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Septic tank problems and repair


Septic tank problems can occur when your tank requires emptying. Before we talk about potential issues with your septic tank, if you require more information on how to maintain your septic tank, take a look at our blogMaintaining your septic tank can prevent potential problems occurring.

Are you having issues with your septic tank? Let’s get back to the issue and walk your through the process of how we and our partner UKDP can provide a solution to potentially repairing your septic tank.


Damaged tank? Get the cost of a replacement system covered by your insurer


We are pleased to announce that Tardis Environmental is now working with UKDP to potentially save £’s for customers with damaged drainage systems.


Sometimes when we are emptying a tank, we identify a problem. Many property owners do not realise that damage to their off mains drainage system is often covered by their existing buildings insurance policy. With the cost of replacing an off mains system typically coming in at over £10,000, and a typical excess of just £100, you could make a huge saving.


Your septic tank repairs managed from start to finish


We’ve teamed up with UKDP to make sure our customers don’t miss out. UKDP are the only company who combine off mains drainage and insurance claim handling expertise. They will quickly and accurately assess your situation and provide guidance as to whether you are likely to be covered by your buildings insurance. If you are, UKDP will manage the entire claims process from start to finish, ensuring you get back to where you were as soon as possible. What’s more, UKDP do not charge the policyholder to manage the claim for them.

UKDP have already helped over 3,000 customers make successful claims. They are there to ensure you get the best possible outcome – not just a sticking plaster repair that will fail a few months down the line. Their passion for delivering excellent customer service makes them a perfect match for Tardis Environmental.

For complete peace of mind, UKDP are authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) for claims handling so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

If our Tardis Operatives spot a problem during an empty, we will let you know and provide you with all the details you need to contact UKDP. Alternatively, if you are between empties and have noticed a problem with your tank, then give UKDP a call on 0800 028 9903 and reference Tardis Environmental.


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