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Hazardous waste removal is a tricky area for many businesses, there all a lot of rules and regulations that must be followed. This blog will look at some of the regulations that have been put in place and how Tardis are in a good position to help!

Firstly, Producers of Hazardous Waste MUST register each site that produces wastes with the Environment Agency. Registered sites will be subject to Environment Agency inspection and must maintain a register of all their waste movements. Licenced Waste Carriers (like Tardis) will not be able to collect hazardous waste from unregistered or exempt sites.

There is also a duty of care which applies to the producers of ALL waste, hazardous or otherwise, to guarantee that that waste is handled in a correct manner. The duty of care means that you must give a good enough description to enable your waste to be safely managed; most hazardous wastes need very clear description. Waste must always be transferred to an authorised person e.g. registered waste carrier or a licensed waste manager. Remember that transport, health and safety and other safety legislation may also apply.

It is the producer’s responsibility to ensure not only is the waste carrier licenced but the eventual disposal site is also properly licenced for the type of waste. Tardis Environmental can provide full Duty of Care documentation with each consignment.

With Nationwide coverage and accounts set up with a network of licensed waste disposal facilities Tardis Environmental UK are in an excellent position to provide a hazardous waste removal service throughout the UK.  We are a fully Licensed Hazardous Waste Carrier & Fully Licensed Waste Broker.

 Below are some of the services we offer: