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Green, Murky Water in IBC Water Tanks, Tardis can help!


IBC water tanks commonly known as water bowsers can create problems. During the hotter months and periods of high levels of UV rays, water tanks can be susceptible to algae contamination. IBCs like these often provide a water feed for welfare and toilet blocks. Therefore the water is used for hand washing and toilet flushing. Above all, the need for water to be clean is important.

As a result to green, murky water in IBC’s, Tardis Environmental offer an on-site deep cleanse and disinfection resolve. This service is available for all size water bowsers or water storage vessels.

Algae Water Bowser


A Specialist Cleaning Service Provided…


As a result, our operatives are fully trained to understand the health issues which surround contaminated water tanks. Using the right amounts of chlorine, an engineer uses a mixture of high pressure jetting procedures. This leaves the vessel bacteria free.

One of the bacteria’s that IBCs can form is called Legionella. This substance is potentially toxic and harmful:

  • In temperatures of 20 to 45 degrees Celsius, the bacteria can multiply which increases the risks of Legionnaire’s disease.

Without fully removing the bacteria, water tanks can cause serious health issues. Even more chlorine used unsafely can be dangerous to humans, aquatics and the environment. Therefore, the operative removes the bacteria and leaves all water vessels in a safe condition.



What Tardis can offer?


Customers can purchase/hire our IBC water vessels which are delivered in a clean and disinfected condition, we like to be thorough in our work! Furthermore, Tardis can offer a next day delivery for standard capacity of 1000 litres.

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Above all, we do not recommend IBCs for storage of drinking water, due to the regulations connected with extended storage of this commodity. We advise steps in potential prevention of algae formation by use of water tank covers. Please visit our TardisH2O page for further information on IBC Water Tanks.