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Hygiene and sanitation have become so common in today’s society that people often don’t stop and think about how important portable toilets are. Imagine if you were at a festival and there were no portable toilets, urinals or portable showers? Now you may start to realize the importance of these simple innovations. What other solutions could there be if there were no portable toilets?

Portable units can be placed in any suitable area within an event venue to ensure your guest have everything they need for their sanitation needs. Hiring your portable toilets from Tardis you can be sure that you will get the right amount needed to ensure you have adequate toilet facilities at great prices. We also provide urinal hire and portable showers.

Tardis Environmental offer nationwide coverage for portable toilet hire, meaning wherever you need a portable toilet, however many you need, we can get them there!

Portable toilets offer a solution to many event organizers all over the world, providing a quick easy solution to sanitation needs thus going a long way in making life comfortable and cleaner at any given point of time or place.