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Interceptor cleaning – another service Tardis provide – we bet you didn’t know that!

What are interceptors?

Interceptors, also referred to as oil catchers, wash down pits, oil water separators, oil and water tanks and more, are a common drainage installation found on many industrial sites, manufacturing sites, car parks and garages.

Interceptors are designed to separate water from oil, silt, dirt and other contaminants, allowing rainwater to drain away and trap all of the other pollutants. This drainage system prevents contaminants from polluting watercourses and the sewage systems.

Why is interceptor cleaning needed?

The separate waste is caught in the interceptor. As the waste builds up, the interceptor can become full and cause blockages, increasing the risk of flooding and also other potential risks to the environment.

For these reasons alone, this is why regular interceptor emptying and cleaning is necessary.

Interceptor Cleaning

Interceptor Cleaning

How can Tardis help?

Our fleet of vacuum tankers are fully prepared for the job of interceptor cleaning. As a fully licensed waste carrier, we have sites throughout the UK where the waste can be disposed of both ethically and legally for our customers.

It’s also nice to now that all Tardis operators have the correct safety equipment for the job. Before an operative leaves the Tardis depot on a call, a checklist of health and safety and of the vehicles equipment is complete.

Tardis Tanker

Tardis Tanker

Please note, as standard our tankers carry 40metres of hose, so if your interceptor is located further than 40metres from the roadside, please let us know at the time of ordering the interceptor cleaning service. In such cases, the hose can be increased to 100metres.

Duty of care paperwork is also available on request.

For more information on interceptor cleaning and on any other services we provide, call 0800 731 0589 or visit the website today.