Many business use interceptors however not many people know what they actually are or do. Interceptors are found underground most commonly at Petrol stations, Pubs, Schools, and car parks as well as other various places. Interceptors stop effluent and run-off from vehicles and cleaning activities, these run-offs if uncaught can damage the environment and pollute rivers and streams.

Imagine a car is leaking oil on a car park and it starts to rain, with the drains doing their jobs it’s up to the interceptor to successfully trap the oil in the water and store it, protecting the environment and the businesses reputation.

Dirty water or run-off from vehicle washing and cleaning activity is called trade effluent. Whether you’re cleaning just one vehicle or responsible for a large lorry fleet, you must arrange for collection and disposal of effluent to prevent pollution. It’s illegal to discharge trade effluent to the environment or into drains without permission.

Our fleet of vacuum tankers are able to service these applications when required. We are a full licensed waste carrier and have disposal sites throughout the UK to dispose this waste safely for our clients. A full duty of care is available on request. Tardis Environmental UK is now recognised as one of the major service providers to the septic tank manufactures and other waste water industry companies.  Our excellent service and competitive septic tank emptying rates have resulted in several years repeat business and a fantastic reputation.

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