An American company called Sanitation Creations is developing what they call the “Dungaroo” which is an odourless, waterless, hygienic and cost efficient portable toilet aiming to solve a worldwide sanitation crisis.  The “Dungaroo” is a patent-pending system to collect excreta through innovative toilet design that can be retrofitted into existing portable toilets. Sounds good!

Two billion people in the world are without proper toilets, which lead to sickness and in some cases death. The problem is so extreme that the UN made halving the population without basic sanitation by 2015 one of its targets. The Dungaroo, which is due to begin consumer trials shortly, aims to help meet this target by providing an innovative sanitary solution to places where toilets are hard to come by.

This new portable toilet could be a big help to developing countries where basic sanitation facilities are hard to find, if it works it will be a very good invention which has been needed for some time.

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