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A timely new product from Tardis H2O on site

Tardis H2O onsite drinking water bowser

Tardis H2O onsite bowser and new drinking water fill station

With the event and festival season in full swing, we’re very pleased to announce a spanking new and useful product.

Our drinking water fill station is a stand alone item which connects in minutes to a drinking water supply such as a bowser or tank and gives instant access to the wet stuff via 4 taps.

In short this means, if you’ve a queue for water, you quadruple the number of people who can fill their bottles, buckets and Billy cans at the same time.

Tardis H2O on site water dispenser

Tardis H2O onsite drinking water fill station

We recently trialled the fill station in the field “literally” and were delighted with the feedback which naturally led us to putting the product into our line up.

field trial of Tardis H2O on site

We field test the Tardis H2O on site drinking water fill station

The station is prepped to the same level of cleanliness as all our drinking water equipment and uses WRAS approved fittings.

What could be easier, just push on the tap and you’ve refreshing drinking water on demand.

Connects to all our drinking water vessels in a jiffy, you can remove the hassle of delivering drinking water to the point where it’s needed by adding this handy device to your hire requirement.

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