Only 4% of homeowners with a septic tank system have registered their septic tank online since the Environment Minister introduced the scheme back in June.
The government has introduced new rules on septic tanks to make sure that homeowners keep their septic tank system working properly and not polluting the water.

Owners who have a septic tank or waste-water treatment system will be required to register them by February 1 next year.  But if you register before the 28th September the fee will be €5, otherwise the fee will be €50 so hurry and get your septic tank registered ASAP

Figures from the Department of the Environment, 18,000 out of an estimated 497,000 properties have registered their domestic waste water treatment system.

The plan to register septic tanks has been criticised by some rural dwellers whom claim it discriminates against them and would force them to spend thousands of euros upgrading or fixing their septic tanks.

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